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Got a club, team, crew, squad, group, troupe or ensemble who get together regularly to do your thing?

Make it mean more. Make them a CALM Club.

It doesn’t matter how many you have in your team, if you’re on wheels or spongey soles, it doesn’t matter where you play and if there is a ball, it doesn’t matter what shape it is.

Samba bands. Theatre companies. Art classes. Cooking clubs. Developers. Dance crews. Choirs. You name it (and sign it up) and you can start supporting those that create with you.

Where do you study, eat, drink, dance, laugh or work? CALMify these places and introduce our resources to others that use them too. Poster on the back of a toilet door or links to our articles in the staff WhatsApp group. You can intro those around you to CALM and sign up the places you spend time in.

A close up shot of a crowd of smiling people, surrounding one man speaking into a microphone

Out and about in the wild together. Inside doting on your spider plants and updating the group. Take us into your allotment groups and talk about us on your walks.

We want to know what you’re doing. We’ve had Running Clubs, Art Collectives and 100s of sports teams support us but we want to see CALM everywhere people are connected by something they care about.

Become part of something bigger

We’re no mathematicians but CALM + Your Club = something pretty special. Whether it’s your Tuesday night 5s team, your Sunday morning running crew or even your Wednesday Curry Club - when you add CALM to what you’re already doing, it means more.

It’ll mean more open conversations. More people knowing CALM exists. And, ultimately, more people who know someone’s got their back if they’re struggling.

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Get the starter pack & we'll be in contact to help

This has got it all for you in one neat little package. Who we are, what we do, fundraising advice, stories from CALM communities and inspiration on how you can help each other and help us. You're already a community and our pack with resources will take you to the next level.

Once you sign up, we'll be in touch with support and advice regularly.

Gimme those resources

What a CALM Club is

It’s what you’re already doing: You’ve already created somewhere people want to be, where you and your mates get together, and do what you love - and now you can add CALM to the mix.

You’ll let everyone know what CALM does: you might put up some posters, share our deets in your whatsapp group or on Insta… you might even wear our logo on your kit. You spread the word to unite against suicide and make sure no one struggles alone.

And you’ll create a place to share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes... a space where no conversations are off limits - whatever’s bugging you, getting you down or making you miserable - a Calm Club is where you can let it out.

What a CALM Club isn’t:

You don’t need to have a deep and meaningful chat every time you meet up. Or make your meetups about mental health (though you can if you want to). And you definitely don’t need to be an expert in suicide prevention. Like we said, it’s about doing what you’ve already been doing, but adding a little life-saving dash of CALM.

So, whatever your thing is, add CALM to it and do your bit to unite against suicide.

Kyle Walker wearing the home kit he helped design

Wearing a kit? Get CALM on there and help spread the word

As well as the physical badges we have stickers, posters and materials you can deck out anywhere people go. From the kitchen at your workplace to the loos in the changing room before training.

Yes, we absolutely need this

Connect to say something bigger, and stay in the loop

We want to give you great opportunities to help CALM and newsletters about the things you love as well as what CALM is doing.

Most importantly, you’ll also become part of something bigger: a community that helps you support your members and everyone you know - all part of CALM. All against living miserably.

Count me in

Meet some of the other CALM Clubs

  • GS Mossa. Pure cycling passion.

    Whatever type of cycling you enjoy, someone here will do too. A club made up of competitive and recreational riders that proudly wear CALM on their sleeves.

  • Kent FA - the first CALM FA.

    We've worked with them to provide our resources to as many clubs, players and volunteers as possible.

    KFA have created their own Kick Abouts designed for absolutely anyone where they promote CALM's work.

  • Art to save lives

    Jealous allowed us and CALM ambassadors, Conner Brothers, to launch 'Art to Save Lives'. 12 months, 12 brilliant artists, 18 limited edition prints available to buy every month.

Let's get to work
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