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Support CALM in memory of a loved one

Remembering your loved one in the way that works for you

Donate In Memory

Find out how to donate directly to CALM or find out more on Funeral Collections

Fundraising In Memory

Fundraising in memory of a loved one can be both a very powerful and very difficult journey.

Dealing with loss

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we can go through. Here’s why we need to talk more about grief, loss and bereavement.

Let’s talk about Grief

Support after suicide

It can be really hard to deal with a loss through suicide. Read more about bereavement by suicide and where to find support.

Support after suicide

Support after suicide partnership

Bereavement support resources

Calm is here
no matter what

Losing someone by suicide can be incredibly difficult and isolating, but you’re not alone. We have loads of resources on support after suicide.

Supporting in memory

The man who ran the entire tube map to raise money for CALM

Brand partnerships

Letter to myself: Chiedu Oraka on finding your place